Red Ant

Ferrite: 125
Bioptics: 125

The Red Ant was the first mecha ever built by humanity, introduced by the Illyrian Hegemony in 3087. It is the oldest mecha design still in use today and its longevity in active service is due to the simplicity of the design, low production cost, and durability.

A clash between a pirate warlord and the fledgling Illyrian Hegemony that came to be known as the "Battle of the Markets" marks that day that the Radix Tribe unleashed the power of the Red Ant. Although the mecha were an untested combat unit, they shattered a bandit force of tanks and conventional infantry. Historically, this battle is seen as ushering in the era of “Mecha-nized” warfare.

Statistical Readout
Tonnage 10
Armor Points 20
Start Weapons 1
Min Level 1
Levels/Weapon 6
Manufacturer Star Factories
Build Laser Damage + 5%
Build Speed + 10
Level 5 Laser Damage + 5%
Level 6 + 1 Weapon Slot
Level 8 + 1 Cockpit Slot
Level 10 Laser Damage + 5%
Level 12 + 1 Weapon Slot
Level 15 Laser Damage + 5%
Level 18 + 1 Weapon Slot
Level 18 + 1 Cockpit Slot
Level 20 Laser Damage + 5%
Level 24
+ every 6 levels
+ 1 Weapon Slot
Level 25 Laser Damage + 5%
Level 28 + 1 Chassis Slot
Level 30 Laser Damage + 10%
Level 35 Laser Damage + 10%
Level 40 Laser Damage + 10%
Level 44 + 1 Shield Slot
Level 50 Laser Damage + 15%
Level 54 + 1 Shield Slot
Level 60 Shield (15)
Level 63 Laser Shield (10)
Level 66 Missile Shield (10)
Level 69 Proj. Shield (10)
Level 70 Shield (15)
Level 74 + 1 Shield Slot
Level 80 Shield (15)
Level 86 Precision (15)
Level 90 Laser Damage + 20%
Level 91 Precision (15)
Level 96 Speed + 12
Level 100 + 1 Cockpit Slot
Level 110 Speed + 12
Level 116 Laser Damage + 2%
Level 150 + 1 Engine Slot
Level 178 Speed + 2
Level 191 Laser Damage + 2%
Level 198 Laser Damage + 2%
Level 200 + 1 Cockpit Slot
Level 207 Speed + 2
Level 227 Laser Damage + 5%
Level 230 Laser Damage + 5%
Level 239 Speed + 5
Level 244 Laser Damage + 5%
Level 250 + 1 Shield Slot
Level 254 Shield (5)
Level 264 Laser Shield (5)
Level 268 Missile Shield (5)
Level 279 Proj. Shield (5)
Level 282 Shield (5)
Level 295 Shield (5)
Level 300 Precision (5)
Level 300 + 1 Chassis Slot
Level 309 Laser Damage + 5%
Level 322 Precision (5)
Level 325 Speed + 1
Level 330 Speed + 1
Level 343 Laser Damage + 2%
Level 350 + 1 Cockpit Slot
Level 356 Laser Damage + 2%
Level 359 Speed + 2
Level 368 Laser Damage + 2%
Level 377 Laser Damage + 2%
Level 389 Speed + 2
Level 396 Laser Damage + 5%
Level 400 + 1 Engine Slot

This new technology was so alien and unexpected that many of the bandits fled without firing a shot. The Battle of the Markets was the turning point of the Illyrian Rust Rebellion, marking the first time the Radix Tribe went on the offensive. With the technological advantage of the Red Ant on their side, they were able to secure the Gateways of several worlds and quickly ward off counter attacks.

Radix Tribe engineers worked on the Red Ant schematics for years before the machine made it to the battlefield. The basic design priorities for the Red Ant included mobility, rate of fire, and the ability to shoot from a distance as well as at close range. One of the most important issues designers had to tackle was how to safely fit a human pilot inside the machine. The cockpit needed to house the pilot/computer interface of the prototype combat A.I., called the Antennae A.I., a cutting edge technology at that time. Only a small percentage of people are able to interface with and operate the combat A.I. and they are the lucky ones who become mecha pilots.

The human-to-computer exchange that occurs when piloting a mecha created new possibilities that increased the impact of an individual pilot in battle. A single trooper could now harness the firepower of an entire squadron of combat vehicles in a solitary machine. Mecha can bring multiple weapons to a battle and fire them in close succession, which has devastating results. This is one of the major advantages displayed by the new fighting machines over their tank driving foes in the Battle of the Markets.

The Red Ant’s Antennae A.I. programming adds a considerable enhancement to the pilot’s aim and yields a much greater percentage of successful hits over manually controlled targeting computers. The Antennae can also control up to three custom modules, allowing a pilot to reconfigure the mecha simply by installing new software.

A Niobium-laced crystal matrix was selected to serve as the skeleton for the Red Ant and it conveniently also functions as a power distribution and amplification system. Crystals were widely available in the Radix Tribe’s territory at that time, so this design proved to be both economical and strong. The Illyrians learned to farm the crystals to ensure they had a steady supply of materials to build these new war machines.

The crystals are natural superconductors and when aligned in the Niobium matrix, they function as power amplifiers. This unique chassis design provides a massive power boost to Laser weapons, increasing their damage potential at growing rates as the mecha receives upgraded components.

The Red Ant’s Niobium-laced crystal matrix provides ample power from the central power plant to the motive systems as well as the weaponry systems. This gives the Red Ant a much greater rate of movement and rate of fire than the tanks that preceded it. This package leaves little room for additional engine modules, yet the power distribution and laser performance in the Red Ant has yet to be matched by any larger crystal based mecha.

Defensive systems for the Red Ant include heavy armor and an array of energy shields mounted to the external frame to absorb or deflect incoming fire. Specifically tuned shield pods provide additional protection from the most common weapon systems (Lasers, Projectiles, and Missiles). Three slots for heavy shielding modules enable the pilot to tailor their machine to counter other threats.

Many a hot-shot pilot got their start in a second-hand Red Ant. While this mecha often gets put into storage as a pilot learns to maneuver larger mecha, the Red Ant is an invaluable asset for scouting and reconnaissance missions. The lightweight design is often deployed in terrain that is impassable to larger and heavier mecha. The Red Ant is the first in a long line of combat vehicles with agile movement designs that have made many conventional designs, including wheeled and tracked motive systems obsolete.

For more info, check out the Red Ant lore on the Mecha Galaxy ANN news site.

Legendary Pilots

  • Scott Teare

    Scott Teare

    Scott Teare, began his illustrious career back in Baconary of 3314, winning the bronze medal in the Birthday Double Rainbow Blitz. Scott is known to favor the Red Ant over all others, he enjoys taking on stronger mecha and demolishing them with a crit-kill. This tactic has garnered him the reputation of being the Crit-Kill Red Ant Specialist.

  • Michael Coldwell

    Michael Coldwell

    As of Today a new legend s being told around the Mecha Galaxy. Michael Coldwell has become renowned as a legendary pilot of the 10 ton Red Ant Class Mecha. Thought Coldwell is an experienced pilot in numerous mecha, skilled at deploying flexible formations catered to the destruction of his enemies, Coldwell has always held a special place in his heart for the humble Red Ant. Small, quick, and agile, a full Red Ant formation fighting under the direction of Coldwell has left pilot of even the heaviest mecha struggle to understand what just hit them. Coldwell has demonstrated time and time again the quick and battle worthy effectiveness of a Red Ant formation moving with a singular purpose. Coldwell began his mecha career in the galactic year 3266, entering a middle weight mecha contest. From there, he would quickly become a well known contestant in King of the Mountain Matches, and was frequently found on the forefront of activity when it came for Clan Wars. With over 1,000 trophies to his name, few active pilots can claim they've never had a run in with a Coldwell piloted mecha. Currently Coldwell fights with valor and dedication for the Northwind Dragons, a clan consistently making waves itself in the mecha universe. One thing all Codlwell's clan mates are certain of is this: the Legend of Michael Coldwell will only expand throughout the mecha galaxy.

  • Lewis Reed

    Lewis Reed

    As of Today a new legend s being told around the Mecha Galaxy. Lewis Reed has become renowned as a legendary pilot of the 10 ton Red Ant Class Mecha. The first true mecha ever produced, the Red Ant has always maintained it's presence in the mecha galaxy due to it's efficiency, agility, and the mastery an adept pilot can quire with it. In the hands of a pilot like Reed, the mecha reaches full potential and can easily take down far larger and heavier. Many a cocksure pilot of a heavy mecha has perished at the hands of Lewis "Ranger" Reed by overestimating their abilities against the innocuous Red Ant. Known to his clan mates in Myths and Legends: Army of the Southern Cross simply as "Ranger," Reed has been a fixture of the mecha galaxy since his first King of the Mountain in Sept 3264. Reeds skill as a Red Ant pilot would quickly increase, with Reed seizing victory in the great clan war of 3265, a mere galactic year later. Before long Reed was consistently placing against even the toughest competition, a trait that continues to this day. For now Reed still patrols the the mecha galaxy, stalking with his clan; the whispers, rumors, and legends of the Red Ant known as Ranger continuing to multiply.

  • John T Mainer

    John T Mainer

    Founder of the Defenders of Bunny, he is a familiar sight in "Suicide King" his Red Ant. Insisting the Red Ant is the most dangerous mecha ton for ton, he routinely beats his unlimited tonnage kill records with his Red Ant lineup.

  • Mammoth Jack

    Mammoth Jack

    Lieutenant in command of the Society of Cogwerk Planets' 1st Cavalry Division, uses the Red Ant to audition and evaluate new pilots under his command.

  • Michiko Nakamura

    Michiko Nakamura

    began her piloting career in the Meiji Hivemind, a Shogunate demonstration squadron composed of modified Red Ants, before her storied career as an instructor at Totsuka Military Academy. Many analysts credit fond memories of her performance in the Hivemind as an important factor in her recent successful Senate bid.

  • Terentius Varro

    Terentius Varro

    became the first pilot to use a Red Ant in live combat when a live-ammo testing exercise was ambushed by pirates.


Red Ant comes fully equiped with:



Viper Laser


Viper Laser

Fires two low powered red lasers. The viper laser began as a hand cannon for soldiers but was upscaled to be used in Mech battle.

If purchased individually, these weapons alone would cost:
10 Ferrite
8 Bioptics


Buy a Red Ant

Ferrite: 125
Bioptics: 125