Time and again, individuals have committed themselves to understanding, memorizing, and executing the skills and knowledge necessary to be elite mecha pilots. The Vizi was designed by The Craftsmen for the most accomplished groups of pilots displaying the utmost mettle and teamwork on the battlefield with those ideals in mind.

The tournament agent that revealed the details of the Vizi to the organizers was sure to go over each of the mecha's astoundingly crafted details. Several of the most respected authorities on mecha craftsmanship all agreed that everything about it was just better than all of The Craftsmen designs that came before it. When The Craftsmen announced that it should be awarded to only the most experienced and accomplished clans, every young pilot gained one more reason to strive for greatness.

Statistical Readout
Tonnage 45
Armor Points 90
Start Weapons 7
Levels/Weapon 5
Manufacturer The Craftsmen
Build Splash 5%
Level 5 + 1 Weapon Slot
Level 10 Shield (10)
Level 10 + 1 Weapon Slot
Level 11 + 1 Cockpit Slot
Level 13 + 1 Chassis Slot
Level 14 Laser Damage + 5%
Level 15
+ every 5 levels
+ 1 Weapon Slot
Level 15 + 1 Engine Slot
Level 16 Slow (4)
Level 17 + 1 Shield Slot
Level 20 Splash 5%
Level 24 Laser Damage + 5%
Level 26 Missile Damage + 5%
Level 27 + 1 Cockpit Slot
Level 28 Proj. Damage + 5%
Level 29 + 1 Chassis Slot
Level 30 Fire Damage + 5%
Level 31 + 1 Engine Slot
Level 32 Ice Damage + 5%
Level 33 + 1 Shield Slot
Level 36 Slow (5)
Level 40 Fork 5%
Level 44 Slow (5)
Level 45 Fork 5%
Level 50 Shield (20)
Level 55 + 1 Cockpit Slot
Level 60 Fork 5%
Level 63 + 1 Chassis Slot
Level 70 3X Damage 8%
Level 71 + 1 Engine Slot
Level 74 Missile Damage + 5%
Level 79 + 1 Shield Slot
Level 80 Slow (10)
Level 86 Proj. Damage + 5%
Level 88 Fire Damage + 5%
Level 93 Ice Damage + 5%
Level 97 Laser Damage + 5%
Level 100 Splash 20%
Level 104 Wide Fork Shield 20%
Level 108 3X Damage 3%
Level 113 Fork Shield 25%
Level 116 Missile Damage + 5%
Level 121 Fork 5%
Level 127 Shield (8)
Level 132 Splash 2%
Level 138 Wide Fork Shield 20%
Level 143 Proj. Damage + 5%
Level 146 Fire Damage + 5%
Level 149 Ice Damage + 5%
Level 154 Laser Damage + 5%
Level 158 Wide Fork 3%
Level 161 Fork Shield 25%
Level 166 3X Damage 4%
Level 172 Splash 2%
Level 177 Missile Damage + 5%
Level 181 Slow (3)
Level 184 Wide Fork Shield 20%
Level 189 Fire Damage + 5%
Level 193 Wide Fork 3%
Level 198 Ice Damage + 5%
Level 208 Shield (5)
Level 215 Laser Damage + 2%
Level 221 Slow (2)
Level 250 + 1 Cockpit Slot
Level 256 Splash 2%
Level 263 Laser Damage + 2%
Level 268 Missile Damage + 2%
Level 271 Proj. Damage + 2%
Level 275 Fire Damage + 2%
Level 282 Ice Damage + 2%
Level 285 Slow (2)
Level 294 Fork 2%
Level 297 Slow (2)
Level 300 + 1 Chassis Slot
Level 311 Fork 2%
Level 323 Shield (5)
Level 326 Fork 2%
Level 334 3X Damage 4%
Level 340 Missile Damage + 2%
Level 345 Slow (5)
Level 350 + 1 Engine Slot
Level 352 Proj. Damage + 2%
Level 356 Fire Damage + 2%
Level 363 Ice Damage + 2%
Level 369 Laser Damage + 2%
Level 373 Splash 5%
Level 376 Wide Fork Shield 5%
Level 380 3X Damage 2%
Level 384 Fork Shield 5%
Level 387 Missile Damage + 2%
Level 390 Fork 2%
Level 393 Shield (4)
Level 399 Splash 2%
Level 400 + 1 Shield Slot

The Craftsmen said that they were determined to improve on the Zadok's design and they have clearly succeeded. Starting with the A.I., everything about the Vizi is the epitome of the balance of function and form. The Vizi uses a revolutionary circuit design that defies most common and efficient practices, with seamless implementations that only top-of-the-line mechs have struggled to use. The A.I.'s superb target prediction routines enable the Vizi to get the best possible performance from its weapon systems. Battlefield threat assessment and multi-target tracking allows the Vizi's A.I. to identify and engage a primary target and a secondary target simultaneously, without specific assistance from the pilot.

The electronic suite of the Vizi also directs a constant stream of false data, white noise, and system-disrupting electromagnetic interference to slow the function and reaction time of enemy mecha. This combination of features makes the Vizi the most formidable mecha of it's size. Since its release, rumors have circulated the galaxy about how the Vizi has been seen taking down much larger mecha with better weapon systems. This is not surprising considering the elegance of this design.

The Vizi is loaded with two mounted turrets that feature advanced auto-loaders capable of cycling through its weaponry quickly and without malfunction. A Craftsmen next-gen computer and power coupling regulator supplement the powerful and highly effective Tetrapod Movement System, offering increased stability and shielding.

Powering the Vizi is the same Hercules class power plant that contributes to the superiority of the Zadok's design. The Hercules provides ample power to increase weapons function above factory settings regardless of type. Coupled with the telemetry from the A.I., laser weapons quickly gain a boost and overloaded tri-powered salvos are not uncommon for the Vizi's entire arsenal. The Hercules has triple redundant customization ports that allow pilots to put their own signature on this work of art.

The Craftsmen technology used to construct the chassis of the Vizi is as exceptional as every other component. Performance analysis indicates the chassis is more than adequate for use in a machine almost twice the size of the Vizi. This chassis is also very compact and can support up to three custom modules, allowing the pilot to configure the Vizi for any set of mission requirements. Shield pods mounted across the chassis provide considerable protection and three more ports allow for addition shielding.

Beginning around the year 3300, a technological Renaissance began throughout the galaxy. The Craftsmen were at the forefront of new research efforts and at the center of a new era of cooperation and sharing of information, research, and technology among the Major Powers and Great Clans of the Galaxy.

While the Great Clans experienced changes in alliances that lead to unprecedented access to new technologies, The Craftsmen quickly took advantage of the resources available during this age of development. They subsequently unlocked rare mecha abilities and executed a significant expansion of the existing capabilities of niode matrices. Perhaps their more thorough understanding of the niodes allowed them to coax higher levels of performance from the matrices.

The Vizi comes of the assembly line as an offensive minded, efficient killer. The updated programming enhances and expands upon that concept. Every weapon system is further refined and tuned to generate even more deadly power than previously possible. The A.I.'s multi-tracking system becomes more active at engaging dual targets with greater frequency and will on occasion engage up to five targets simultaneously as well as splash additional weapons fire on any mechs near the primary target.

As with the Zadok, improvements to the Hercules power plant enable overloaded salvos more and more often. Although the Vizi gains a majority of offensive upgrades, it really begins to shine defensively as well. The shield pods gain a small boost to power but the addition of shields protecting the Vizi from Fork and Wide Fork attacks guard its flanks from unexpected attacks. The net result is a mecha of high tactical value, capable of adapting to the needs of almost any situation.

The Vizi is more than just a machine -- its a statement, a commitment to higher thinking, progress, and beauty. Only a true mecha pilot will be able to know its touch of grace.