Ferrite: 500
Bioptics: 300
Niodes: 45

The Nerio, the flagship light mech of manufacturer Consolidated Mecha, is a well-rounded machine, though its reputation has at times been tarnished by reliability issues. Most famously, a Nerio erroneously shut down in the final minutes of 3220 Galactic Mechathlon, costing Team Cogwerk the championship. Almost all Nerio in active use have undergone extensive modification from stock to ward off these problems, and ConMech has gone to great lengths to remove such faults from newer production runs.

Statistical Readout
Tonnage 25
Armor Points 50
Start Weapons 3
Min Level 11
Levels/Weapon 5
Manufacturer Consolidated Mecha
Build Speed + 7
Build Missile Damage + 5%
Build Proj. Damage + 5%
Level 3 + 1 Cockpit Slot
Level 4 Precision (2)
Level 5 + 1 Weapon Slot
Level 7 + 1 Shield Slot
Level 8 3X Damage 5%
Level 9 + 1 Engine Slot
Level 10 + 1 Weapon Slot
Level 12 Precision (2)
Level 14 + 1 Shield Slot
Level 15 + 1 Weapon Slot
Level 16 3X Damage 5%
Level 20
+ every 5 levels
+ 1 Weapon Slot
Level 21 + 1 Cockpit Slot
Level 24 3X Damage 5%
Level 25 + 1 Cockpit Slot
Level 28 Speed + 4
Level 32 3X Damage 5%
Level 37 Speed + 4
Level 40 3X Damage 5%
Level 46 Speed + 4
Level 50 Speed + 10
Level 56 + 1 Shield Slot
Level 60 Proj. Damage + 20%
Level 62 3X Damage 5%
Level 66 + 1 Cockpit Slot
Level 68 Precision (10)
Level 72 3X Damage 5%
Level 74 + 1 Engine Slot
Level 80 Crit-Kill 4%
Level 85 Speed + 10
Level 90 Precision (10)
Level 105 Precision (15)

Despite this sometimes-finicky reputation, the Nerio has been well-received in some circles and is a favored light-infantry mech among many clans of the Cogwerk Planets. Some commanders insist that, paradoxically, these reliability issues make the Nerio strategically valuable, as it is often underestimated by its adversaries until they find themselves vaporized. However, most professors of military history and strategy consider this idea old-hat after its famously successful application by Thaddeus Mainspring (uncle of sitting senator Timothy Mainspring) in his decisive victory at the Battle of Enthea X in 3238.

In terms of loadout and recommended applications, the Nerio is strictly by-the-book for modern light mecha, coming off the line at 25 tons, equipped with some middling missile and cannon weapons and light armor. On the battlefield it is most commonly used in groups of two to five for scouting ops, light skirmishes, or mopping up stragglers from larger confrontations. Of course, like many mecha in its class, a wide variety of non-standard upgrades and use-cases have been documented. In non-military configurations, it is a favorite of industrial crystal farms, although many independent crystal farmers maintain a cult-like devotion to AlphaCorp's rival Model B.

Legendary Pilots

  • Kalevi Karvinen

    Kalevi Karvinen

    Many dismiss Karvinen as just another obsessive Mecha collector, But his driving ambition is to lead an unstoppable squadron of elite mecha. The diverse mechs he owns are actually the prizes he's already won in his quest to become the best pilot in the galaxy. Sly and crafty, his battle tactics have been adopted by many throughout the galaxy.

  • Ken Fuchs

    Ken Fuchs

    Long time mech pilot, Ken often can be found stopping out the competion with hisDragon comrads,but truth be told he would rather be in his Nerio, laying waste to mech's much larger than himself and then laughing about it back at HQ.

  • Chieko Suzuki

    Chieko Suzuki

    A Shogunate specialist in light-mecha combat. He made the mech famous when he successfully led a squad of Nerio in the defense of Nagoyan VI, where he his unit swarmed each invading mech individually.

  • Dash


    A crafty pilot, Dash often uses the long range and speed of his trusty Nerio to outflank enemies and surprise them from behind.


Nerio comes fully equiped with:



Dual Gattling


Dual Gattling

2X Damage 15%

Annihilate fellow novice pilots with a high-speed burst of armor-piercing bullets.



Air Shock


Air Shock

Splash 8%

A spread of enhanced missiles hone in on enemies. The subfield targeting array places shots for ideal collateral damage.



Small Cannon


Small Cannon

A single shot cannon which fires a small round. This cannon is fast and effective.

If purchased individually, these weapons alone would cost:
370 Ferrite
270 Bioptics
16 Niodes


Buy a Nerio

Ferrite: 500
Bioptics: 300
Niodes: 45