Ferrite: 125
Bioptics: 200
Niodes: 30

The WarHorse is the brainchild of eccentric scientist Dr. Hephaestus Gnaeus Wells. While not dreaming up new, devastating mecha, Dr. Wells moonlighted as a historian of the first Digital Dark Age (c. 1960-2090), and named his most cherished Mech design after his favorite surviving cultural artifact of the period. Its design prioritizes speed and firepower above all else, making it ideal for hit-and-run missions and scouting in hostile territory. In more organized combat, it is also frequently deployed to provide supporting fire behind better-armored frontline mecha, as well as in flanking and encircling maneuvers.

Statistical Readout
Tonnage 15
Armor Points 30
Start Weapons 2
Min Level 3
Levels/Weapon 5
Manufacturer GDI
Build 3X Damage 3%
Build Freeze 5%
Build Speed + 8
Level 2 3X Damage 3%
Level 3 + 1 Cockpit Slot
Level 4 Laser Damage + 5%
Level 5 + 1 Weapon Slot
Level 6 Proj. Damage + 5%
Level 7 + 1 Shield Slot
Level 8 Missile Damage + 5%
Level 10 + 1 Weapon Slot
Level 12 Freeze 5%
Level 14 Laser Damage + 6%
Level 15 + 1 Weapon Slot
Level 16 Proj. Damage + 6%
Level 17 + 1 Chassis Slot
Level 18 Missile Damage + 6%
Level 20
+ every 5 levels
+ 1 Weapon Slot
Level 22 Freeze 5%
Level 27 + 1 Engine Slot
Level 32 Freeze 5%
Level 37 + 1 Shield Slot
Level 39 3X Damage 6%
Level 44 3X Damage 4%
Level 50 Freeze 5%
Level 51 Freeze 15%
Level 56 + 1 Shield Slot
Level 62 3X Damage 8%
Level 68 + 1 Chassis Slot

The off-the-shelf WarHorse configuration includes a Force Ion Beam and a Proto Beam, but it is capable of powering much higher-end weaponry and is rarely seen in the field with its stock loadout. Popular replacements include swapping the Force for a ConMech Air Shock missile battery, and replacing the Proto Beam with a generic medium laser (or, in the case of the Meiji Shogunate, their beloved Fury Laser). These upgrades are commonly referred to as the Horse-fly Loadout, or the Meiji Variant. As is to be expected, those with deeper pockets have devised even more deadly loadouts for their WarHorses. In short, pilots disregard a hostile WarHorse at great peril.

The unit's high speed and lack of strong ties to a major faction has made it immensely popular among warlords, pirates, smugglers, stunt-pilots, and celebrity pilots with enough sponsorship to keep up with maintenance on the unit. In turn, this has given the WarHorse a strong cachet in the popular imagination, especially among rebellious youngsters. For this reason, commanders wishing to minimize operational interference are advised to avoid visiting major population centers with the WarHorse if at all possible.

Legendary Pilots

  • ANNeditor


    He is one of those pilots that no one ever took seriously til he managed to win a King Of the Mountain tournament in his salvaged War Horse. He has quickly gained fame via his telecasts at ANN and his coverage of Kotm's and Clan Wars are second to none!

  • Mammoth Jack

    Mammoth Jack

    The earliest propaganda vids for the Trinitarian cause showed Mammoth Jack delivering aid to struggling settlers on the fringe in a battleworn WarHorse.


WarHorse comes fully equiped with:



Force Ion Beam


Force Ion Beam

Slow (5)

A fast laser weapon for beginning mech pilots. Ion vortices cause disruption in enemy weapon systems, slowing them with each hit.



Proto Beam


Proto Beam

2X Damage 10%

Fires a wide green beam. The engineering of this weapon lead to future advances in weapon technology.

If purchased individually, these weapons alone would cost:
60 Ferrite
61 Bioptics
4 Niodes


Buy a WarHorse

Ferrite: 125
Bioptics: 200
Niodes: 30