Axe Bot

Ferrite: 350
Bioptics: 350
Niodes: 35

The Axe Bot is from a far-removed part of Earth's history, when mechs were used to display skill and cunning in combat. Records exist of Earthlings testing their prowess with mechs like this--while the designs may seem crude at first, the records show that physical engagements with mechs like these had become highly popularized and streamlined. The tournaments were presided over by an entity known as Syfy, who brought the mechs to the people and ensured that the fans were pleased.

The Axe Bot was a contestant in one such Syfy tournament, known as the "Robot Combat League". From what the records reveal, the societal impact of this tournament was widely regarded, and those that watched it took part in both habitual viewing and discussion of its contestants.

Statistical Readout
Tonnage 20
Armor Points 50
Start Weapons 3
Min Level 7
Levels/Weapon 5
Manufacturer Consolidated Mecha
Build 3X Damage 3%
Build Crit-Kill 2%
Build Speed + 5
Level 4 Shield (3)
Level 5 + 1 Weapon Slot
Level 6 + 1 Engine Slot
Level 8 3X Damage 3%
Level 10 + 1 Weapon Slot
Level 12 Crit-Kill 2%
Level 14 + 1 Chassis Slot
Level 15 + 1 Weapon Slot
Level 16 + 1 Engine Slot
Level 20
+ every 5 levels
+ 1 Weapon Slot
Level 22 Trample 8%
Level 26 + 1 Cockpit Slot
Level 28 Speed + 5
Level 32 3X Damage 3%
Level 36 + 1 Engine Slot
Level 38 Speed + 5
Level 50 Crit-Kill 5%
Level 50 + 1 Shield Slot
Level 56 3X Damage 10%
Level 64 3X Damage 10%
Level 66 + 1 Engine Slot
Level 72 3X Damage 10%
Level 76 + 1 Chassis Slot
Level 78 Speed + 10
Level 90 Trample 20%
Level 100 + 1 Shield Slot
Level 103 Shield (1)
Level 114 3X Damage 1%
Level 121 Crit-Kill 1%
Level 126 Trample 4%
Level 137 Speed + 1
Level 149 3X Damage 1%
Level 150 + 1 Cockpit Slot
Level 158 Speed + 1
Level 165 Crit-Kill 2%
Level 172 3X Damage 5%
Level 181 3X Damage 5%
Level 192 3X Damage 5%
Level 200 + 1 Chassis Slot
Level 205 Speed + 1
Level 255 Trample 5%
Level 260 Shield (1)
Level 264 Shield (1)
Level 275 3X Damage 1%
Level 275 + 1 Engine Slot
Level 286 Crit-Kill 1%
Level 292 Trample 4%
Level 300 Speed + 1
Level 312 3X Damage 1%
Level 322 Speed + 1
Level 333 Crit-Kill 2%
Level 341 3X Damage 5%
Level 349 3X Damage 5%
Level 350 + 1 Shield Slot
Level 359 3X Damage 5%
Level 370 Speed + 1
Level 389 Trample 5%
Level 400 Shield (1)
Level 400 + 1 Cockpit Slot

After acquiring some of these records, Star Factories initiated a new campaign for the reintroduction of the Robot Combat League into galactic society, with the Axe Bot as the symbol for its return to form.

To complement the reformation of the League, Axe Bot was fully upgraded--discarding its pneumatic workings in favor of a niode musculature and a complete humanoid biopics neural interface to account for sensitivity and reflex in all of the mech's extremities. Its trademark axes reinforced and given cutting edges, for both precision and strength. Its head-mounted cameras were replaced with lasers for ranged offensive capability.

Complementing the introduction of the Axe Bot was a full suite of other "opponent" mechs, each with their own specialized melee weaponry. As per Earth custom, Star Factories allowed certain individuals to qualify for the piloting of the mechs in combat through a series of tryouts and eliminations.

The results were rather astounding. The full neural mapping of the Axe Bot and its counterparts were most efficient in the hands of Cogwerk and Shogunate martial artists and those with practice in traditional forms of combat. Traditional mech pilots were often no match, even when placed at an advantage with ranged weaponry, due to an over-dependence on targeting systems. The Axe Bot could close the gap and dismantle opponents within a few blows. And if all else failed, the Axe Bot could finish the job with its trademark head bash, often capable of cleaving critical components in two.

Legendary Pilots

  • Steve Shcman

    Steve Shcman

    -A pilot known for his legendary counter attacks and ability to adapt to any situation, terrain, tactic or talent. He became a light and medium specialist juggernaut. A master of all disciplines, forged by tournaments across the galaxies. Never resting, always training, He tirelessly practices on the shooting range long after the other pilots have gone home. Steve's favorite toy is the Axebot with speed, dodge, and the ability to repair itself. Known as a 'Mad Man' by his peer's, He takes solace in cooking bacon and potatoes on the smoldering ashes of his fallen enemies.

  • Sherriff


    Known to the Galaxy as "Lucky Leary",She has a knack for pulling victories out of nowhere. Her army of Axe Bots are her specialty. Rumor is, she attained many of her Axe Bots on a treasure raid but this can not be confirmed.

  • Marius Darkmoor

    Marius Darkmoor

    Marius Darkmoor--grew up in the Bandit Blackwing's outfit. He and the Blackwings raided a Star Factories mech depot and after a successful plunder, the Blackwings turned on him and in a surprising turn of events, Marius was able to defeat his foes and made off with all the stolen Axe Bots.

  • Andrew Montanez A widely-regarded martial artist from the SyFy days of the Robot Combat League, he is remembered as the one true master of the Axe Bot. His mastery of different forms allowed for the mech to excel in the areas it needed most.


Axe Bot comes fully equiped with:



Fist of Fury


Fist of Fury

2X Damage 11%

3X Damage 7%

Expanding the use of Fury Tech, this special batch edition was made in honor of Bruce Lee, the Old Earth hero.



Air Shock


Air Shock

Splash 8%

A spread of enhanced missiles hone in on enemies. The subfield targeting array places shots for ideal collateral damage.



Small Mordem


Small Mordem

Begin your arsenal with a standard issue missile launcher with some bite. The efficient, five-bay shoulder unit is favored by commanders with lighter Mecha.

If purchased individually, these weapons alone would cost:
320 Ferrite
300 Bioptics
11 Niodes


Buy an Axe Bot

Ferrite: 350
Bioptics: 350
Niodes: 35